Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled frequently asked questions that will help you gain insight about the general information regarding Solution Analytics quickly.

1. Why should we trust you?

Confidence and trust are the cornerstone of any good partnership, and only grow over time after association. 
The following facts will corroborate and demonstrate the commitment towards our clients and company.
-We have successfully managed the projects for 100+ US/European clients.
-We have  12+ years in business, dedicated to the off-shore execution model.
-Our company’s executives has an experience of working with the leading companies in the technical forum ,and are zealous  towards working for a long term vision .
-Our list of references/ testimonials  substantiate the confidence put up by our clients towards our service

2. What is your project development methodology?

Abacco is the most trusted technical service provider. We follow highly collaborative designing process that allows clients to understand each and every measure taken for project development. Our project development methodology as follow:
1.Concept Discussion and Design Strategy
4. Roadmap

3. How do you assure confidentiality?

Confidentiality and preserving the idea is the prime concern that we enclose and follow strictly.
To maintain privacy and confidentiality  NDA and Agreements  are signed 
The employees working on full time employment terms are bound by theConfidentiality and Non-Disclosure provisions of the company. 

Additionally we build isolated cells disconnected from every public network for critical projects. 
All CDWriters require use authorisation at a realistic level. Internet uploads greater than a threshold needs authorisation.

4.Benefits that set us apart from others ?

– Price Guarantee : Cost saving minimum 50 % over on site development
Quality Confirmed : We assure quality oriented service with Progress-linked payments weighted toward the end.
Service : Our team has trained professionals those who have paramount experience in their particular forte

5. Can you guarantee time bound results?

Our developers are dedicated to producing quality code. We have experience and are oriented towards delivering solutions with effectiveness and efficiency. Our team is motivated towards getting the result of the task well in time and address the concern of the client.

5. We are worried about quality ,how do you assure solid projects ?

5. Do you offer any discount ?

We provide solutions with a sustainable cost and high-end quality, thus creating value. Our pricing is based upon long term relationship in order to provide maximum benefit to the customer. Sometimes, we bear the project risk even before getting the first payment.